How To Change VA Disability Direct Deposit


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A common question in my email box is:  “how do I change the bank account into which my disability payments are direct deposited?”  That’s a very good question.  Changing direct deposit account information is quick & easy. eBenefits.Va.Gov

va-disability-direct-depositThere are three ways to change your own direct deposit account information:  online, via telephone and via the mail.  I strongly recommend that you utilize the VA eBenefits system.  It’s your best choice for speedy service.

  • Online, you can create a VA eBenefits account and make changes through the account.  An eBenefit account will also give you 24/7 access to your payment history, GI bill information, and all sorts of other items.  If you receive VA benefits, you should create a VA eBenefits account.  It is be the fastest and most convenientway for you to conduct any business with the VA.
  • Via mail, fill out and send the VA Form 24-0296.  You can find it here:  The directions are on the form. eBenefits.Va.Gov
  • Via telephone, by calling 1-877-838-2778.  I have looked at this one and I wonder how they could verify that you’re actually the person calling.  If you find out, please let me know.  I’m curious.

I always love getting emails from readers.  I can’t answer every one, but don’t worry about it, I do try.  Even if I’m unable to personally respond to your email, I use the information from these emails to understand what information will be most helpful to my readers.


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