Veterans Home Loans: Regular Purchase


veterans home loansDo you know if Veteran Home Loans can give a veteran up to 100 %of the cost of a home? It means that a veteran does not have to make payment out of his own pocket. He simply has to prove his eligibility to avail of these government loan benefits by producing certain required documents. He must present a letter issued by the defense department certifying that he has a certain number of years of service with the US. Military. This is called a Certificate of Eligibility. It will also state that the veteran has conducted himself honorably during the tenure of his service and that his discharge from the U.S. Military service was on regular grounds. The following persons also qualify for this type of veteran loan:

• Surviving spouses.

• Service members who have been on active duty. This includes officers of the public health service who were commissioned for duty, including those who work in the National Oceanic & Atmospheric administration.

• Reserve and National Home Guards who had to perform active duty.

The entire process of applying for Veteran Home Loans is very simple. The first step is to get in touch with a professional lender who will examine your documents and establish your eligibility including the fact that the government loan that you are planning to apply for is for the home where you will be living in. Of course, it goes without saying that the cost of the unit that you plan to purchase must be equal to or more than the amount of loan that you are applying for. Besides he will also examine your income statement which should reveal that you would be able to comfortably meet the monthly-equated installments & have sufficient balance in your income after the monthly repayment to run your home easily as well as to meet all minor eventualities.eBenefits.Va.Gov

Some of the special benefits of the Veteran Home Loans for the veterans are summarized below-

1. They can borrow up to maximum limit of $417,000.

2. This veteran loan program does not require any initial payment from the veteran. eBenefits.Va.Gov

3. The U.S. Government will establish certain limits to the amount of closing costs and origination fees that the lenders charge, as well as their fees. These limits will be usually in favor of the borrowers.

4. The borrower is absolved from having to pay the cost of private mortgage insurance.

5. These Government Loans can be finalized within a week to ten days.

The Advantages of a Veterans Administration Home Loan (VA Loan)


Enough Cash Is Never Enough

Nowadays more that ever lots of US Citizens have found themselves a little cash-strapped for many reasons usually related to these financially turbulent times. College tuition may be looming as children grow up, a home may need improvement to elevate  or sustain its value, or it may be time to make a high-ticket purchase. Many have found the cash relief they need by taking a debt consolidation loan.veterans administration

Some folks may have been watching home loan interest falling to surprising lows & want to take advantage of them so they can keep more money in their pockets on a month-to-month basis. If your nose is to wind for any of these reasons, it may be time for you to consider your options, to include refinancing your own Veterans Administration Home Loan (VA Loan).


VA Loan Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan

The Veterans Administration Home Loan division has erected a deal called the Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL) to provide a way for those veterans and service members to lower their monthly interest rates with no out-of-pocket expenses. These loans do not require the rigamarole of starting a home loan from scratch and they are executed in a lot speedier fashion than a typical loan or refinancing application. This refinancing allows the borrower to get the lower interest rates available today rather than the high rates charged prior to the recession. One stipulation: this program is available only to those veterans and service members who are are redoing their ORIGINAL VA Home Loan and who are using their original eligibility to get a lower rate with a different lender.

No Out-of-Pocket Expenses

When investigating the IRRRL for a VA Home Loan you will find the terms No Cost and Streamline. Basically, this means that you will not have to have cash to do the deed and that the process can be completed rather quickly. Refinancing always incurs extra fees and other costs. These can simply be added to the loan or the lender may be asked to cover those costs, but usually at the expense of a little higher interest rate. Still, the rates will be lower. To get the absolute lowest rate that you can get, you can get the market rate or actually buy down you rate and roll all the closing costs into the refinancing.


Use a VA Home Refinancing to Pull Out Home Equity

You may be overwhelmed with debt – a bunch of pesky little debts that have grown unmanageable. These debts will often include too much high-interest credit card debt. Debt consolidation can roll all those debts into one so that you have manageable payments less than the aggregate payment of all those loans, with an interest rate lower than all those loans, and all due at one time to one creditor. That right there makes restful nights possible. Of course, as mentioned, you may need the refinancing for school, home improvement or some other pressing need. What happens is the VA refinance transaction will pay off the current VA Home Loan with your new VA Home Loan and any cash left over can go into your budget for the appropriate application. This is typically called a Cash Out refinancing.


VA Home Loan Stipulations

Cash Out refinancing must be used only for homes that are a principle residence of the loan holder. This VA Home Loan refinancing can go for up to 100% of the appraised value including all closing costs and other fees. No minimum time of occupancy is required, though your home must have enough equity left according to an appraisal done by a qualified VA Home Loan appraiser.eBenefits.Va.Gov

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Veterans Life Insurance Or Term-Whole Life Insurance Benefits


It is always a good idea to do a bit of research towards the end of service in the armed forces. There’re lots of  benefits that veterans can benefit from the Dept of Veterans Affairs or VA as it is commonly called. The first step in getting good veterans insurance is to have a complete physical done at least four monts before taking a discharge from service.

This will prove beneficial in that the insurance companies would have no grounds to quote higher rates should the veteran decide to seek insurance out of the department’s provisions for the same. It can also pave the way to claim future disability compensation from the department after being discharged. So remember to get yourself a copy of all your medical records from the relevant dept and get them certified as well. eBenefits.Va.Gov

veterans life insurance

Before setting out to get some private policy from a private life insurance company it is better to understand what you are eligible for from the department of Veteran’s Affairs. Many veterans are entitled to health care, disability compensation, and life insurance too. Though there is a ceiling of $10,000 USD on the total insurance the government issues to a veteran. It may be noted here that veterans holding a ‘Veterans Reopened Insurance’ and those with ‘Veterans Special Life Insurance’ can also purchase additional paid-up cover.


Veterans having contracting disability after their 65th birthday and are likely to stay in that disabled condition for at least six months are entitled to have the premium of their veterans policy waived by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans who are permanently disabled should consult with the relevant authority in the V.A to have the proceeds or the dividends of their policies delivered to them on a monthly basis.


Veterans also have the advantage of being able to borrow as much as 94 % of the total value of their veteran’s life policy. This is applicable on their permanent plan by continuing to pay the premium of the policy in force. The interest charged is an adjustable rate that is adjusted on the 1st of October every year. So this works out to a reducing balance, which means that the total interest reduces as the loan amount is paid up gradually. eBenefits.Va.Gov

There are a lot of benefits for veterans when it comes to insurance policies. For more information it is advisable to call the department of veteran’s affairs on their national toll free number and get an update on what you are entitled to and what you are not. eBenefits.Va.Gov

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