Returning Home – Veteran Job Training Program

eBenefits.VA.Gov – What makes a person become qualified as a veteran? What kind of jobs or careers await for them after they go back home injured, wounded and disabled forever?What exactly benefits a veteran will get?

What is Veteran job training and can it help a veteran? These questions may have bothered you while watching that news about soldiers, medics, engineers, and other military personnel going to war and then getting disabled for life.

You might have pitied their situation and wished there was something you could do for them. The fact is, it is not unusual that a veteran who returned from the war would have post-war trauma. In some cases, because of the trauma that the war causes, the veteran becomes homeless and sometimes completely disabled physically and mentally. eBenefits.VA.Gov

The Veteran
Any military service member who served the army for 3 months during both peace and war-time is entitled to have the veteran status as long he or she was given an honorable or general discharge. Upon receiving the veteran status, this person can avail of the different benefits that the government offers for this war heroes and heroines.

The Benefits
Veteran benefits vary greatly from one veteran to another depending on the degree of disability, time served, number of dependents and other factors. Here is a list of different benefits that a veteran will receive once he or she returns home:

• Disability Benefits. A veteran who was injured during active duty is entitled to receive disability benefits. The amount is tax-free and is dependent on the degree of disability received by the veteran.

• Health Care. The Department of Veteran Affairs will provide veterans low-cost health care packages once they enroll themselves in the VA Health Care System. The benefit includes free dental treatment, counseling sessions, for post war trauma and other neurological disorder because of the war, and more.

• Pension. This is usually for veterans who are over 65 years old or those who were totally disabled because of active duty. The amount may vary on the number of the veteran’s dependents. eBenefits.VA.Gov

Jobs for Veterans
Sometimes instead of providing pensions and monthly stipends, the VA resort to providing Veteran job training. The Veteran job training program is also a way to encourage those veterans who were partly disabled by the war to return to society. The Veteran job training program was created to encourage veterans to try to live their lives normally despite of the injury, trauma or disability they have received. The VA focuses on skills that neglect the use of the veteran’s disabled part. Here is a short list of different programs that the VA Veteran job training program offers:

• Basic Computer Literacy
• Computer related courses such computer repair, application, network and computer systems, support, office and administration support and database administrators
• Culinary Arts Training Program
• Healthcare training programs such EMT basic training, medical support specialists and medical assistant.
• Specialist for Inventory Control Training Program
• Basic Website Designs Training Program

After the veteran successfully finished one or a few of these training programs; they will not be left alone. The VA also promises to help the veterans search for jobs and job placement. The VA also ensures that veterans who choose to reintegrate themselves to the society are constantly followed up for the next nine months.

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Finding Jobs for Veterans

eBenefits.Va.Gov – Many veterans feel overwhelmed upon returning home from active duty and beginning the search for full-time work. For many, it is good to be home, but they are at a loss when it comes to where to start when looking for a full-time job.

While some people earn a college degree before enlisting & serving in the military, many join after high school, which results in them feeling like they don’t know where to start when they return.

Most people – including veterans – assume that they must be well-versed in a particular skill, subject or trade to have an enjoyable, successful career. Society constantly encourages the importance of college, internships, and job experience in the field you are pursuing. Although some markets encourage & require these prerequisites, not all fields & companies do.


It is not uncommon for training to be anticipated and offered by employers. There are countless entry-level positions that offer training and do not require specific prior experience in a related field. Depending on the employer and the position, achieving your goal of a full-time career could be as simple as filling out an online application and making a great first impression during an interview. eBenefits.Va.Gov

There are companies and organizations nationwide that open and deeply value the service and dedication of veterans and those who currently serve in the armed forces. Because of their appreciation and gratitude, many employees seek veterans for employees because if their outstanding work ethic and their deep-seated values and principles. eBenefits.Va.Gov

The search for a full-time career could be as simple as searching the Internet for “jobs for veterans” and filling out an online application. There are companies out there that are not only searching for employees, but are supportive of veterans and are searching for veterans for employees.eBenefits.Va.Gov

Do not feel pressure from lack of higher education, experience in a particular field or current position – employers who are searching for quality, reliable employees are generally willing to train these people to work to their full potential.

Take the first step to beginning a full-time career today. It all begins with dedication and determination, something you and other veterans should be familiar with! All you have to do is search and apply – you will be amazed to see that companies and organizations are waiting for you. Search and apply for these positions today – take the first step toward your new career and your new life! eBenefits.Va.Gov

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Submitting Job Applications to Department of Veterans Affairs


The United States of Veterans Affairs provides a great line of jobs to persons who desire to work and be a part of this agency. The Veterans Affairs career categories are as follows: engineering / architecture / technical support, health care, business/administration, legal and expert skilled occupations. The typical poses in health category are doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, laboratory technician, research scientist and the likes. These categories require different qualifications and employment processes that should be taken into consideration by anyone who has interest in applying for the available poses.eBenefits.Va.Gov

When applying to any Veterans Affairs’ poses, one must be aware of the requirements of the pose and the procedures. Individuals who have interest in applying are advised to visit the USA Jobs Site always for the needed job positions. This will give applicants a chance to be oriented with the requirements of the position that they are applying to.eBenefits.Va.Gov


Reading and following directions for all vacancy announcements are extremely important. The resumes of the applicants should address the qualifications such as knowledge, skills and abilities by writing it down on a separate paper or highlighting it. The curriculum vitae should also have supplemental information such as country of citizenship, veterans preference entitlement, reinstatement eligibility and other details for reference. This will give the reviewer an easy mean to determine if an applicant is qualified for the vacant pose.


However, if the applicant will use the Application for Federal Employment (OF-612), he/she should follow the steps mentioned in the form. The Veterans Affairs is particular with the required details so he/she must be extremely cautious in accomplishing the form.

Similar to any other occupation, applying for a United States federal position can take time. Others look at it as one time shot so fascinated applicants should take it into consideration as well. The resumes or filled up forms will be the initial spokesperson of the applicant so it should be complete, sincere and honest. Application letters don’t need to have fancy words to be able to make it for the vacant pose. Keeping it straightforward and easy to read is their passport to become a part of any departments in the United States such as the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Army Veteran Jobs


The army veterans have outstanding skills, knowledge and experience that make almost every job fit for them. But statistics indicate that there are a lot of veterans that are facing unemployment problems. To help these men and women that sacrificed a lot to go & serve the country at war, many companies and organizations are coming up with efforts that are aimed at ensuring that there are army veteran jobs. eBenefits.Va.GoveBenefits-VA-Gov

Veterans’ Green Jobs is one of the non-profit organizations that are working hard to ensure that veterans get jobs in the green market. It launched a partnership with another non-profit organization called GRID Alternatives which deals in solar installers. These 2 organizations partnered so that they can be able to advance training as well as employment opportunities for veterans in the clean energy sector all over the country.

GRID Alternatives does installation of solar electric systems for families that are not so rich using a volunteer-based model that makes it possible for community members as well as trainees to have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in solar installation. The partnership between Veterans’ Green Jobs and GRID Alternatives has opened up volunteer as well as training opportunities for veterans that are interested in pursuing careers in solar energy. Veterans’ Green Jobs is the one that connects GRID Alternatives with the interested veterans and also provides it with all forms of logistical support.

The Bureau of Labor carried out a research that indicated that in June 2012, 12.7% of veterans who served since the year 2001 were employed in May, with the youngest veterans aged 18 to 24 being unemployed at a rate of 23.5%. Between 2011 and 2016, it is projected that over one million veterans will leave the military and thus there will be more demands on the civilian workforce.eBenefits.Va.Gov

For that reason, efforts like the ones being put forward by organizations like Veterans’ Green Jobs & GRID Alternatives are very important in combating the unemployment problem that the veterans face after exiting service. Veterans’ Green Jobs is working hard to make sure that by mid-2013, it will have reached its goal of placing 300 veterans into jobs.eBenefits.Va.Gov

In order increase the chances of getting army veteran jobs, the vets should consider being part of the one-on-one counseling services offered by organizations such as Veterans’ Green Jobs to help them create employment pathways that meets their needs. Their current skills and experiences are usually assessed and they are trained on how to refine as well as reshape their resumes so that they can match the available job openings.

They’re also given recommendation about any training or education they may need in order to advance their skills. Such organizations also connect the army veterans with employers that need skilled workers  job vacancies. These are just but a few of the organizations that are working hard to ensure that veterans are employed in the green market. There are many others not only in solar energy, but also in other fields like information technology, procurement, transport, maintenance, just to mention a few. eBenefits.Va.Gov

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Jobs for Veterans


Many military men and women enlist when they are quite young and do not give much thought to what they want to do when their time serving their country is through. For some, military service becomes a way of life and they choose to stay and make a career out of it. For others, 2 years or four years seems like a lifetime and all they can think about is their discharge date. Regardless, whether those veterans are re-entering the civilian work world at 22 or retiring after 20 years of service, plans need to be made. It is important that our country ensure good jobs for veterans. eBenefits.Va.Gov


Veteransoften have learned a lot in their military training that can be helpful in a civilian job as well. Many skills are transferable, such as computer and technology skills, medical training, or specialized mechanical or construction skills. Jobs for veterans are sometimes high demand jobs, and therefore, many veterans will transition into the workforce almost seamlessly.

Other veterans may need a helping hand to find a career which is a good fit for them after their military service is finished. There are places to begin the search for post-service employment which  may offer better opportunities to find jobs for veterans, and be more veteran friendly.

One good place to look for jobs for veterans is the Veterans Administration itself. They’ve needs in many different areas that veterans are well qualified to fill, in a wide range of professions. Working with the VA gives veterans the chance to work with and make an impact on other veterans.eBenefits.Va.Gov

Other government agencies also offer lots of jobs for veterans. In those cases, there are special civil service testing programs available for veterans. These are two of the more commonly used programs:

Veterans Preference: This program allots additional points to the veteran on his or her civil service test. Five points preference is given to most veterans who served during any war. Ten points is given to disabled veterans. Many people are not aware that hiring preference is also extended to the spouse and dependent of active duty military members. Additionally, the spouse or mother of a disabled veteran is typically entitled to a ten-point preference, as they are if the military member died in service. eBenefits.Va.Gov

Veterans Readjustment Act: What this program does is enables the Department of Defense have jobs for veterans. They can appoint a veteran to the position without competition, and without being on the eligibility list. Use of this authority is discretionary, and no is specifically entitled to a VRA appointment.

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