Returning Home – Veteran Job Training Program

eBenefits.VA.Gov – What makes a person become qualified as a veteran? What kind of jobs or careers await for them after they go back home injured, wounded and disabled forever?What exactly benefits a veteran will get?

What is Veteran job training and can it help a veteran? These questions may have bothered you while watching that news about soldiers, medics, engineers, and other military personnel going to war and then getting disabled for life.

You might have pitied their situation and wished there was something you could do for them. The fact is, it is not unusual that a veteran who returned from the war would have post-war trauma. In some cases, because of the trauma that the war causes, the veteran becomes homeless and sometimes completely disabled physically and mentally. eBenefits.VA.Gov

The Veteran
Any military service member who served the army for 3 months during both peace and war-time is entitled to have the veteran status as long he or she was given an honorable or general discharge. Upon receiving the veteran status, this person can avail of the different benefits that the government offers for this war heroes and heroines.

The Benefits
Veteran benefits vary greatly from one veteran to another depending on the degree of disability, time served, number of dependents and other factors. Here is a list of different benefits that a veteran will receive once he or she returns home:

• Disability Benefits. A veteran who was injured during active duty is entitled to receive disability benefits. The amount is tax-free and is dependent on the degree of disability received by the veteran.

• Health Care. The Department of Veteran Affairs will provide veterans low-cost health care packages once they enroll themselves in the VA Health Care System. The benefit includes free dental treatment, counseling sessions, for post war trauma and other neurological disorder because of the war, and more.

• Pension. This is usually for veterans who are over 65 years old or those who were totally disabled because of active duty. The amount may vary on the number of the veteran’s dependents. eBenefits.VA.Gov

Jobs for Veterans
Sometimes instead of providing pensions and monthly stipends, the VA resort to providing Veteran job training. The Veteran job training program is also a way to encourage those veterans who were partly disabled by the war to return to society. The Veteran job training program was created to encourage veterans to try to live their lives normally despite of the injury, trauma or disability they have received. The VA focuses on skills that neglect the use of the veteran’s disabled part. Here is a short list of different programs that the VA Veteran job training program offers:

• Basic Computer Literacy
• Computer related courses such computer repair, application, network and computer systems, support, office and administration support and database administrators
• Culinary Arts Training Program
• Healthcare training programs such EMT basic training, medical support specialists and medical assistant.
• Specialist for Inventory Control Training Program
• Basic Website Designs Training Program

After the veteran successfully finished one or a few of these training programs; they will not be left alone. The VA also promises to help the veterans search for jobs and job placement. The VA also ensures that veterans who choose to reintegrate themselves to the society are constantly followed up for the next nine months.

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