Army Veteran Jobs


The army veterans have outstanding skills, knowledge and experience that make almost every job fit for them. But statistics indicate that there are a lot of veterans that are facing unemployment problems. To help these men and women that sacrificed a lot to go & serve the country at war, many companies and organizations are coming up with efforts that are aimed at ensuring that there are army veteran jobs. eBenefits.Va.GoveBenefits-VA-Gov

Veterans’ Green Jobs is one of the non-profit organizations that are working hard to ensure that veterans get jobs in the green market. It launched a partnership with another non-profit organization called GRID Alternatives which deals in solar installers. These 2 organizations partnered so that they can be able to advance training as well as employment opportunities for veterans in the clean energy sector all over the country.

GRID Alternatives does installation of solar electric systems for families that are not so rich using a volunteer-based model that makes it possible for community members as well as trainees to have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in solar installation. The partnership between Veterans’ Green Jobs and GRID Alternatives has opened up volunteer as well as training opportunities for veterans that are interested in pursuing careers in solar energy. Veterans’ Green Jobs is the one that connects GRID Alternatives with the interested veterans and also provides it with all forms of logistical support.

The Bureau of Labor carried out a research that indicated that in June 2012, 12.7% of veterans who served since the year 2001 were employed in May, with the youngest veterans aged 18 to 24 being unemployed at a rate of 23.5%. Between 2011 and 2016, it is projected that over one million veterans will leave the military and thus there will be more demands on the civilian workforce.eBenefits.Va.Gov

For that reason, efforts like the ones being put forward by organizations like Veterans’ Green Jobs & GRID Alternatives are very important in combating the unemployment problem that the veterans face after exiting service. Veterans’ Green Jobs is working hard to make sure that by mid-2013, it will have reached its goal of placing 300 veterans into jobs.eBenefits.Va.Gov

In order increase the chances of getting army veteran jobs, the vets should consider being part of the one-on-one counseling services offered by organizations such as Veterans’ Green Jobs to help them create employment pathways that meets their needs. Their current skills and experiences are usually assessed and they are trained on how to refine as well as reshape their resumes so that they can match the available job openings.

They’re also given recommendation about any training or education they may need in order to advance their skills. Such organizations also connect the army veterans with employers that need skilled workers  job vacancies. These are just but a few of the organizations that are working hard to ensure that veterans are employed in the green market. There are many others not only in solar energy, but also in other fields like information technology, procurement, transport, maintenance, just to mention a few. eBenefits.Va.Gov

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