Veterans Today: Military Veteran Organization-Types and Functions


During this article we will look at what a Military VeteranOrganization does & why they were set up. We like also
look at some different organizations which can be found in the US.veterans today

Lots of these organizations have been set up as non profit organizations in order to help those veterans who have left
military service. They will usually provide such information on programs that have been set up for VA’s in order to help them in getting jobs etc., as well as telling them about what benefits they are entitled to. There have
been many set up over the years including ones more recently
for those members of the USA military who have returned from
either the Gulf or Iraq wars.



Today the most major veteran’s organizations to be found in
the U.S are:-

1. Veterans of Foreign Wars (V.F.W)

2. The American Legion


4. Disabled American Veterans

5. Jewish War Veterans of the USA

6. Catholic War Veterans

7. American Ex-Prisoners of War

A veteran is someone who has served in the armed forces and
has then been honorably discharged. However, there’s a
common misconception that a veteran is someone who has
either been in combat (taken part in a war etc.,) or has
retired from active duty.


We will now look in more detail at a couple of the military
veteran organizations from the list above.

1. Veterans of Foreign Wars (V.F.W)

This organization is made up of both current & former
members of the US Armed Forces. In order to be eligible for
membership to this organization an individual must have
earned a US Government issued overseas expeditionary or
campaign medal. It became US Government chartered non profit
organization by an act of the U.S Congress in 1936. It was
first formed in 1914 from the merger of two prior veterans’
organizations which both arose in 1899.


Today the VFW works on behalf of American veterans by
lobbying Congress for better veterans’ health care and
benefits. It also has a nationwide organization of employees
and volunteers who help veterans with any VA disability
claims. Plus they also donate hundreds of thousands of
dollars as well of millions of hours for community service.


The American Veterans (AMVETS) is a volunteer led
organization which was formed by World War II veterans and
will accept those veterans who have been honorably
discharged from the armed forces. It is one of the most
respected organizations in the US today and provides not
only support for veterans but also active military in order
to procure their earned entitlements.eBenefits.Va.Gov

As like the VFW it is politically active and will lobby
congress in order to get better treatment and facilities for

So as you could see from above there is much more to the
military veterans organization rather than just being a
place where old war buddies can meet up.

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